Monday, December 25, 2006

When you find out an old lipstick is collectible...

I've been a big MAC lipstick person for over a decade. And really, who makes a good variety of lipstick hues anymore? Not balm, not gloss, not stain, get the point. Lipstick. I don't wear it daily, but when I do, I tend to grab one of my many MAC shades. Many of the shades fall in my "safe range".

We all have a safe range. Some people tend towards the plummy, most in the nudey brownish barely rosy, or me with the pinky peach. In my lipstick collection from MAC alone there are probably 6 shades in the safe range. I had 12 "take back to MAC" items. This means, to those who aren't familiar, that I returned 12 empty containers of their products to receive a free lipstick for every 6. Therefore, I qualified for 2. I'd already picked my 2 out: both in the safe range, and the rude salesgirl was wrapping them up when I spotted it. The PERFECT peachy, barely pink glimmery, almost glittery, but not "indie girl". It was a limited edition, so I had to get it.

Above mentioned rude salesgirl rolled her eyes since she's already put marks on my chosen lipsticks. Didn't matter that I didn't need any lipsticks to begin with and I already had 2 for free being given to me, I needed this one.

And now, a year and a half later, apparently so does everyone else.

I did an ebay search for it since mine is getting lowish and my sister enjoyed the color as well. Plus, I'd found a new use for it (cheek shimmer with color!). It would be worth seeking out and paying shipping and handling (the bane of my existance) for a color so special.

They are now running about $30 a tube, for something that sold 18 months ago for $14. Besides that, they are nearly extinct. Soon they will be up to $50. I'm drawing the line already.

Backup color: Pirouette, also MAC, also glimmery, almost glittery but not color from the same era, less peachy, more pinky, still beautiful. Also discontinued and extinct.

Letter to MAC: Bring back Indie girl and Pirouette; recycling is good! Also, hire some nicer girls and boys like you used to.

Note to readers: Should I use one of my other myriad lipsticks and sell chunks of my precious remnants?

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