Sunday, July 25, 2010

Megan's day-of pic

Megan wanted to change up her lip color, which was my favorite part of her trial. But, it's not about what I like- she wanted a more neutral lip, as do almost all brides these days. And I'm finally liking neutral lips, even though I was completely against it since it feels dated to me already. I think neutral lips may be here to stay and if done well, can really compliment a bridal look. Her hair person was still working on her when I snapped the pic of her wearing the pink cape. I was hoping to get one of her in her dress- but you get the "picture".

Friday, July 2, 2010

New bridal parties and one of our invitation shoot

Stephanie and her wedding party were all crammed into a tiny room downtown, but I just did her one sister and her. Then the rest of her maids came and finished getting ready. One girl couldn't get into her dress because the zipper was stuck all the way down. They brought a sewing kit in case of emergency.....but nobody knew how to sew. I didn't volunteer at first, because saying "I can sew" is an overstatement. I could never thread a machine and my stitching is obvious and generally goes awry. That being said, the girl had no other I spoke up. Next thing I know I'm sewing the girl into her dress bottom to top! I gave her a couple threaded needles for backup in case it busted, but apparently it stayed put all day and nobody could tell :) Never knew that my costuming class would come in handy for doing bridal makeup.

Jay and I had pictures taken for our invitations 2 weeks ago by our friend Jenna. I am posting just one that I thought was funny. I call it "directing the model" because I'm used to being on sets and fixing people so they photograph well. It's hard to let go! Plus, I did my own makeup, of course- so officially, it makes sense to post this :)