Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beautiful new bride photos and a dogbite

After I am done with a wedding, the work is done for that bride and her party officially. But then I try to remain in contact so I get to see the finished photos and how everything lasted throughout the day etc. I just got a couple updates from brides with their absolutely stunning photography that features how their makeup looked when I was doing it, as well as how it looked throughout the day. But all I can see when looking at the one set of photos is my stupid bandaid!

The day before bride Ashley's wedding my husband and I took our new Austrailian Shepherd mix to a park. She is 5 yrs old and until we adopted her she wasn't socialized. There was a guy at the park who started rough-housing with his rottweiller and our dog mistook that cue as something dangerous and she attacked him. 2 pit bulls came to the rott's rescue and all 3 were ganging up on our maladjusted dog. I was trying to break it up and got in the middle of the unfortunate incident with my hand/finger. That was March and it's now June...there are still a couple of marks on my thumb and forefinger. Ashley's photos and all their beauty is marred by that nasty looking bandage. I was just glad to be able to use my hand (I'm a lefty) just fine. My husband broke up the fight and all the dogs got away from it without incident- and my life transferred onto the photos for her wedding....:)

Monday, June 18, 2012

In the family

Photography: Picture the Love

Since being in business for the last 4 years, there have been many girls that were bridesmaids that became brides, many sisters of the bride that became the bride so on. In the last few weeks it seems that many of my clients feel like they are becoming part of the State of Face Family. Not only do I love referrals because it's more business, but really because I get to revisit past brides and maids. The bride in this pic, Amanda, was referred to me by the photographers at my own wedding and her sorority sister. Her "little sister" was a bridesmaid in her actual sister's wedding 2 years ago. After hearing my name from 2 different people, she finally called me up and we did a trial. Then she booked me. Then I did her makeup for her engagement photos (see post below), then for New Year's Eve, then for her shower, then finally her wedding. I love that not only was I referred to her by people who already worked with me, but that I got to know her face and personality so well leading up to her special day. It's a great honor to be part of someone's big day and I'm so fortunate to have lots of special days with lots of special people. You're part of the State of Face family forever!
Thanks to all the brides and vendors that are part of my "family"!