Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beautiful new bride photos and a dogbite

After I am done with a wedding, the work is done for that bride and her party officially. But then I try to remain in contact so I get to see the finished photos and how everything lasted throughout the day etc. I just got a couple updates from brides with their absolutely stunning photography that features how their makeup looked when I was doing it, as well as how it looked throughout the day. But all I can see when looking at the one set of photos is my stupid bandaid!

The day before bride Ashley's wedding my husband and I took our new Austrailian Shepherd mix to a park. She is 5 yrs old and until we adopted her she wasn't socialized. There was a guy at the park who started rough-housing with his rottweiller and our dog mistook that cue as something dangerous and she attacked him. 2 pit bulls came to the rott's rescue and all 3 were ganging up on our maladjusted dog. I was trying to break it up and got in the middle of the unfortunate incident with my hand/finger. That was March and it's now June...there are still a couple of marks on my thumb and forefinger. Ashley's photos and all their beauty is marred by that nasty looking bandage. I was just glad to be able to use my hand (I'm a lefty) just fine. My husband broke up the fight and all the dogs got away from it without incident- and my life transferred onto the photos for her wedding....:)

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