Q: Do you do makeup full-time?
A: I don't have any other job, this is all I do and I keep myself busy as a working makeup artist. "Full-time" means different things to everyone. I book jobs sometimes for 10 hour days for an entire week and then I am home working on my private clients and marketing, emails, contracts, networking, updating my blog/website/advertisements, accounting and other "fun" self-employed tasks etc. for the next week.

Q: What brand is your favorite?
A: It's so hard to choose. I am not partial to any one brand and love to try everything, though at the moment I'm having a love affair with Inglot. It's an up and coming brand based in Poland with amazing color selection, payoff, blendability, and artist-friendly products.

Q: Is there a certain brand that you sell or are affiliated with?
A: I am not affiliated with any brands. In my studio I carry Stila and a few items from other brands, but I'm not exclusive at all.

Q: Do you only do weddings?
A: Weddings comprise 60% of my business.

Q: Is there really very much other type of work for a makeup artist in Columbus, Ohio?
A: You may be surprised! There is a lot of production work here in video, commercials, tv and photography for companies, political figures, organizations etc. Plus I get hired by past clients to do lessons, future clients to do engagement sessions, Mom's gifting their daughters with a first makeup lesson, photographers doing boudoir pics, actors/models and professionals getting pics, girl's nights out, personal appearances for minor celebs or public speakers, date nights, anniversaries, proms, and occasionally a national magazine shoots stories here. There are so many fun and different opportunities.

Q: Are you familiar with makeup for Asian/African American/Older etc skin/eyes/etc?
A: Absolutely. I welcome anyone and everyone.

Q: With weddings, you're probably pretty busy in the summer, right?
A: Wedding season for established vendors almost has no "off" season. We slow down from late November through March, but still have a handful weddings interspersed during that time.

Q: Can you handle really large parties for a wedding?
A: Yes! If there is ever a question of having enough time to finish, I will hire an additional artist. If you want to take less than the regular amount of time it takes for just me (about 35 min/face), I also offer the option to have me hire a 2nd artist for an additional fee. We can get 3-4 people finished/hour; that knocks out a party of 7 in 2 hours.

Q: Did you go to Cosmetology school or Esthetics school?
A: I went to college and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. I got experience working on productions and specialized in costuming/wigs-hair/makeup and worked on a many performances throughout my life. I've also been trained by working for cosmetic brands (8 years in retail cosmetics and skincare), went to Sephora University and was certified, and go to trade shows frequently to get inspired and pick up new skills.

Q: Do you do hair too?
A: I feel comfortable doing some minor styling. Loose waves, smoothing out flyaways, straightening, adding volume and the like are fine, but I don't do fancy/updo/color/cut etc. My description of this portion is- not wedding hair, but overall I will make people "camera-ready" and have the equipment to do so for non-wedding work if this is arranged.

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