Saturday, June 15, 2013

New service- Schedule now for July.

State of Face Makeup Artistry will begin to stock high-end foundations, concealers and foundation brushes. There has been an on-going need for me to bring my clients to the store to purchase new foundations and so many people do not know where to start.

Start at the State of Face studio and go no further! Come to my downtown in-home studio for an appointment. It will be just 20 minutes where I color match your foundation and concealer, show you how to apply it and provide you with a full-sized high end foundation, concealer and foundation brush. The full service will cost just $75. Return foundation clients will just pay $45 for the same products and I will match you again, in case your color changes. This will save you loads of money on products that just don't match, don't last, don't work or you simply don't like. Plus, you'll learn a couple good tips for application and look great every day.

We will also begin to stock waterproof eyeliner, some basic shadow palettes, bb cream, sponges, makeup remover, cleanser and some basic skincare.

Book now at for weekday or evening appointments now. Starting July 1st.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

20 signs you are a beauty junkie

I saw one of these posts for "wellness junkie" and thought...hmmmm, it may be time for a beauty one to be done. Feel free to leave other signs in your comments! Also, share this with people you think it may apply to :) We need to support each other.
Without further ado:

20 signs you're a beauty junkie:
  1. You have on your computer favorites
  2. You keep foundations even when they're the wrong color, because you have one that would combine with it to make the perfect color.
  3. You can't believe that Shu Uemura's lash curler isn't sold in the US anymore.
  4. Make friends with people who live overseas (or want to) just to try out their product lines.
  5. Know what “holo” “NC” “dupe” “217” and “psi” stands for and have opinions about all of them.
  6. Are either a mac devotee/exclusive or are adamant that they lost their way when Lauder bought them out (15 years ago!).
  7. Wish you could use a concealer just because you like the coverage and formula and not have to account for flashback. 
  8. Have either jumped on the beauty blender bandwagon, the duo fiber brush application technique (stippling) or like to buff on your foundation with a Real Techniques brush. And sometimes, when you're in a rush, you feel like you can channel Lisa Eldridge and just put it on with your fingers and make it look perfect.
  9. Don't understand people who have only one blush, one lipstick, one foundation. And "use up" a product before getting another.
  10. Understand the difference between glitter, shimmer, satin, frost, shine, matte, and an overspray.
  11. Look up to a brow guru.
  12. Can justify the purchase of a $34 cream eyeshadow because it doubles as a shadow base, which is a completely different product. But you also know that elf makes a dupe for $3 and it often goes on sale for $1.50.
  13. Get really excited when a company is launching colors that look like “you”, which really means that you already own 100 just like it.
  14. Try editorial looks on yourself just for fun. Instead of going out.
  15. “Can you do my makeup?” A question you have heard from every single one of your friends at one time or another. Even the ones who said “I'm not really into makeup” when you first met them.
  16. Refresh at 11am EST/8 PST when brands you like are going to be on it.
  17. Will sometimes fall asleep watching QVC or HSN because they had some good brands lulled you to sleep so sweetly.
  18. Have a running list of things you want to pick up beauty-wise at all times, in case you happen to go to Sephora, Ulta, or a drugstore.
  19. Belong to several beauty subscription services. Keep trying new ones.
  20. A “no makeup” look still has filled-in eyebrows.