Saturday, June 15, 2013

New service- Schedule now for July.

State of Face Makeup Artistry will begin to stock high-end foundations, concealers and foundation brushes. There has been an on-going need for me to bring my clients to the store to purchase new foundations and so many people do not know where to start.

Start at the State of Face studio and go no further! Come to my downtown in-home studio for an appointment. It will be just 20 minutes where I color match your foundation and concealer, show you how to apply it and provide you with a full-sized high end foundation, concealer and foundation brush. The full service will cost just $75. Return foundation clients will just pay $45 for the same products and I will match you again, in case your color changes. This will save you loads of money on products that just don't match, don't last, don't work or you simply don't like. Plus, you'll learn a couple good tips for application and look great every day.

We will also begin to stock waterproof eyeliner, some basic shadow palettes, bb cream, sponges, makeup remover, cleanser and some basic skincare.

Book now at for weekday or evening appointments now. Starting July 1st.

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