Thursday, August 9, 2012

Heatwave wedding makeup

The last few summers have been upwards of 5 months long and with unrelenting heat indexes. This one really hit us hard, here in Columbus and the surrounding areas. I've been working on fine tuning the approach to makeup in this weather with the right products and almost as importantly, amount of product. One of my favorite new 'beat the heat' products is the Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier. It's a heavy duty primer that works great to keep skin from getting shiny in the mid-day sun. The key is to use a very small amount on the t-zone, underneath the makeup. It's the option I use on combo or oily skin- otherwise I've been reaching for the classic oil-free Smashbox photo finish.
Getting airbrush application for the foundation really minimizes the amount of product on the face needed to make it look flawless- only a few drops. Less makeup to meltdown.

Then the finishing touch for the complexion is a setting spray. Lately, I've been reaching for the Model in a Bottle. Just a few sprays of it will set the whole face and keep it looking fresh.

These ladies all look flawless, even though they are having outdoor pics taken.