Saturday, February 25, 2012

State of Face is evolving!

It's been 3 months since the last update and I wouldn't want anyone to think that I'm not out here working hard! Over the last couple of years, my business has been growing a lot- always a good thing. I tend to book for a Saturday wedding on a prime Saturday VERY early (usually multiple bookings for all Saturdays March-November) and even Fridays and Sundays are booking up early on some days. In addition to that, I'm finally getting a lot of corporate/commercial/video/film work too. There are actually a lot of production companies that work in Central Ohio and I have been fortunate enough to make connections with people and start working regularly doing this type of makeup.
Since there aren't as many weddings throughout winter, this has been great to stay busy. The most recent jobs have been with Ohio Health on a web video, Mettler Toledo on another web video that was with actors over several days (it's really cute!), and just wrapped a shoot for a national commercial spot. My makeup focus on these types of shoots tends to be taking red out of the skin, keeping things smooth and matte, grooming flyaway hairs, brows, and being ready for anything. My kit is getting reorganized a lot to accommodate for new needs- like cream foundations. For these shoots, I end up using a matte cream to powder palette from Senna Cosmetics that I bought last year at a trade show. But my list of product WANTS is growing: A palette called RCMA which has dozens of cream foundations and is a pro staple. And I've heard years worth of raves about the Beauty Blender sponge, but with doing airbrush makeup, there was no need for sponges. good sponges are critical. (And they must be wet with water to give a natural and flawless blend for High Def cameras). I will post links to new work if I get them! :)
I hope you're making it through the winter, though a mild one in Central Ohio, and seeing some sunshine.