Sunday, October 3, 2010

last minute wedding a few weeks ago

I got a call at 9:45am on a Friday while I was watching a Project Runway rerun on my DVR. The girl on the other end of the line said "Hi, are you still coming to do my wedding?" I asked when her wedding was and she said "15 minutes". Ahhhhh! This has never happened. Luckily, I'd tentatively held the day when this bride inquired and then said she wanted to book me (then never sent a confimation email or deposit), so I was free. I picked myself up and got ready- ran out the door and made my way only a couple miles north to her Mom's house for the wedding. I did a total of 8 people that day and finished on time. How crazy?! Usually I'm booked about 6-12 months in advance or "last minute" is within a few weeks or 2 months. Never on the day of! The photographer's 2nd for that day (Tiffany Morisue) sent some shots while I did a couple of the girls. I really liked this one of the sister of the groom.