Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Usually my head is in the clouds

I posted my desert island makeup picks on the beauty blog but I want a do over. I've decided that I'd like to take all of my products with me. I don't think I could get by without my travel kits that save space sidled up next to my mammoth cheek stains in pretty much every color offered. It's not because I can't live without them.

MTV used to have a somewhat lame show called "House of Style" back before the Style network existed....*whoa* scary times (I jest, kinda) and my favorite segment was when fashion designer Todd Oldham would raid someone's closet to give them fashion help. He'd pull out good basics and fun pieces that the girl owned and then with the snap of his fingers and the product placement of his own line, he'd amp up their wardrobe with a few key additions. I used to fantasize that Todd Oldham would pop by my closet someday and be so impressed with how much I did with my limited budget and the fact that I live in Ohio. He'd slam together outfits that I'd never imagined from my existing clothes. This was the mid-90's, right before I became obsessed with makeup.

The fantasy changed. I started to hope that my friends would pop by and want to see what eyeshadows I had. That co-workers would be curious to see my lair. That the girl bass players in my favorite bands would want to use my makeup for their next show in town. The fantasies got increasingly more grandiose: That the makeup artists who shot for Allure would somehow hear about my insights with textures of existing shadows and consult me, that my favorite combo of lipstick/gloss/liner would become "The Joy" in somebody's line (like Cargo, or something), that my product inventions (in my head, natch) would become the most sought after ingenious (never got the diff between that word and genius) creations the world around.

This blog can be my own cyber planet where these dreams can come true. Where my desert island is a place to keep my vast sku's, maybe even spreading them out on a tarp in the sand to see how they look in the natural light. Hmmmm. Follow me to the end of this rainbow....

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jenifer0505 said...

You are a great writer...and so well-informed. Keep up the great work, sista!