Friday, May 31, 2013

bb, cc, dd...and so on.

By now you've probably heard about bb creams. Otherwise known as beauty balm or blemish balm, they give medium coverage generally, moisturize, prime/smooth, and protect from the sun. Some of the them have healing ingredients, anti-ager ingredients and more. To piggyback on that craze, some companies are now creating "cc creams", otherwise known as color correcting creams. These clearly gimmicky creams have very sheer coverage and are intended to even out the skin only a bit while working on lightening spots and such. Now there are also dd creams, dd concealers and more. I guess dd stands for deliberate duplicate. Har har, "they" say it stands for dynamic do-all (via Julep, a mostly nail brand that has launched this product).

I'm open to trying it all, but who can keep up? I have tried a handful of bb creams and here is my take thus far:
1. Lioele Triple the Solution: This is truly a balm. It is quite heavy and gives full coverage, however, it's only one color- SUPER pale. If you're super pale and want a lot of coverage, go for it. I have had good luck mixing a TINY bit with a darker foundation. It gives great sun protections, covers ALL evils and evens out the skin nicely. Find it here at
2. Skin 79: I thought that I got a bad pump on mine until I tried for the 40th time and something came out. This was an ebay purchase and I have suspicions that it was a knockoff brand. Very light coverage, not very balmy. I may try it again in summer to see if I like it better...but as of now not recommending it.
3. Stila bb cream: This is more of a face cream meets a tinted moisturizer. Its about the same coverage as a sheer tinted moisturizer, but it's creamier. But my skin felt great with it on. It has similar ingredients to most primers, so this would work for combo or normal to dry skins. I've started using it in my kit to prime drier skins for airbrushing as it gives such a flawless canvas. It's pretty light coverage, but perfect for someone who is low maintenance by itself. And the color seems to match everyone I've used it on so far. To be fair though, I have not used it on a dark skintone. Find it at the State of Face Studio now!! I liked it so much that I started to stock it!
4. Rimmel light bb cream: This feels just like a sunscreen and smells like it too. The coverage is medium and the weight is a bit heavy, but for summertime I am liking it a lot. The color selection is decent (4 shades) and it feels like it helps my makeup stay on as well. But for those who don't want or need fuller coverage, you could definitely wear this solo. And at about $7, what's to stop you?
5. Dr.Lewinn by Kinerase bb cream: It has a very primer-like feel, yet not too slippery or heavy. Gives more coverage than a tinted moisturizer and is more balmy in texture too. It feels similar to the Stila BB Cream. The color is supposed to be universal, but seems like it would be best for light, medium and possibly tan skin. If you are ivory or dark, you may be out of the range. In that case, try the lightest or darkest shades from the Rimmel bb cream. I really like this one and carry it in my kit too!
6. Olay cc cream- I find it to be more like a moisturizer that is a bit gel-like. The coverage is super sheer, so it's only enough for me to run errands. It may lighten up spots, there is nothing noticeable happening with them.
7. L'oreal magic skin beautifier- This comes in 4 shades and is definitely more of a light tinted moisturizer than a beauty balm. There's no balmy texture. It's actually a lotion with beads of color suspended in it. I actually like it for combo skin as a light moisturizer to prep it for makeup. guessed it: I carry this in my kit too :)

And if I try a DD cream, I will post something about it too.

This summer try something that will make your life easier. Whether it's a bb cream, lash extensions, or cutting all your hair off- you'll feel free of the extra steps and enjoy your time at the pool, patio, beach, or air-conditioned home.
I cut my hair off this week and I absolutely LOVE it. I do feel a little bit like Justin Beiber since there's a deep part and bangs are swinging in the eyes. :)
Happy Summer, my favorite season....

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