Thursday, October 22, 2009

My own wedding...

Jay proposed last weekend: Wonder who will do the makeup for the wedding party? :) I'm thrilled to spend my life with this awesome guy. Planning a wedding? So far, so good...I bought bridal magazines, which I swore I would NEVER do. But I want a fun, creative and original wedding and what better place to get ideas than from these mags.
I'm thinking my makeup will be retro glam, a la early 60's cat eye and ruby lips. Hair idea that I had and have no idea how to execute (or if anyone else will for that matter) is to do a partial updo where the "up" part of the hair is made into a bow and the crown is teasted to high heaven- tres early 60's moment. I'm consulting a hair stylist out of New York who's a friend of a friend that wants to attempt taming my big mane. She's really into retro glam, so hopefully she can make it happen.
And check out that ring! It's a true Art Deco piece. I really wanted a vintage ring and this was my absolute favorite we saw anywhere. It's incredibly delicate as it has a ton of smaller set stones in platinum. I'm not used to sporting precious jewels!
We think the big day is going to be 10/10/10, stay tuned.

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